Honors Faculty

In 1989, the University established the Honors Faculty. The Ellis College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business, and the School of Education are all represented, making this a truly interdisciplinary, university-wide faculty. The original twelve members were chosen on the basis of a long history of commitment to the concept of academic excellence through the Honors Program; many had been involved throughout the program’s ten-year history, volunteering their time, energy, and expertise to keep the honors effort strong.

The commitment of the current faculty is clear; in fact, it is not at all unusual to find all twelve faculty present and participating in an Honors Colloquium or Seminar session. On a few such occasions, the faculty members have actually outnumbered the students. Because faculty represent a variety of academic specialties, every session in these classes has a decidedly interdisciplinary flavor. In keeping with the mission statement’s pledge to encourage and support “the scholarly and creative endeavors” of its faculty, the University awards each of these members an annual stipend for participating in program planning, teaching, mentoring, and advising.

Four new members are chosen each year to serve three-year terms according to guidelines recommended by the Honors Committee and approved by the Administration. Through this selection process, the faculty maintains both continuity and new vitality as its members work with the Honors Committee and Honors students to move the College into the future, “always striving to enrich the quality of learning and teaching.”

"All experience is an arch wherethrough gleams that untravelled world..."

– Alfred Lord Tennyson